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Are You in a Spreadsheet Stranglehold?

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Sep 14

Are You in a Spreadsheet Stranglehold?

  • Thu 14th Sep 2023
Are You in a Spreadsheet Stranglehold?

You have the off the shelf system that fits your business and processes... right? Maybe that’s what you would like to believe. Consider this. Are your teams working outside of these systems, finding their own ways, because these systems don’t do just exactly what they need them to?

Or maybe Sarah, one of your best people spends hours manually and painstakingly updating employee timesheets at the end of the month, tweaking for sickness and annual leave. Sarah then sends this on to Julie to process the payroll. Julie takes some of the information and manually copies it over from one spreadsheet to another to enable her to make sure your staff are paid on time – important stuff. She checks, double and triple checks her work to make sure it’s right. Julie then exports elements of the data so that she can process it with the bank. Lots of spreadsheets. Lots of systems. Lots of potential for issues.

Are spreadsheets really the engine of your business, are they running your key operations – are lots of unconnected files running the show?

Imagine being able to connect all this data, allowing it to talk to its data counterparts, sharing. Passing information seamlessly. Automatically. Sounds expensive?

It really isn’t, and it is worth the investment for the savings in time, effort, and money. Here at Solubytes we are experts in really understanding how you work, understanding the pinch points and pain points to ultimately develop bespoke standalone solutions for the way you work, freeing up time for you to focus where it really matters.

We take your existing processes, systems and data, link them together, removing repetition and duplication, and take you from the spreadsheet stranglehold to a system that works end to end, fully supported.

At Solubytes we believe in you dealing directly with the developer, no salespeople, no middlemen, just our core belief that we deliver you a bespoke solution in a fair and honest way that allows you and your people to focus on doing what you do best.

If your business could benefit from breaking free from the stranglehold that Excel has over it, reach out to us, and see what we can do together.

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