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Software Questions
Software Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the frequently asked questions about our software development services, together with our answers.

We are indeed! We are based in Birmingham and currently operating remotely, however we work with organisations all over the country.
Although no two projects are the same, there are some commonalities across all of the software projects we develop that allow us to give you an idea of cost at the outset. We do not have a minimum value for the projects we undertake as we work with both start-ups and larger organisations, but we often see bespoke solutions starting from just a few thousand pounds as we usually find that our clients want to start with a minimum viable product to cover their initial requirements and leave the software open for expansion in the future – we find that this helps with spreading the financial investment and allows businesses to define their software as and when optimisations and additional needs become apparent. Get in touch to have a chat and we will put together a no-obligation proposal with full financial details.
We will hold no ownership of your source code through our bespoke software, meaning that you would be able to move your software to a different hosting provider should you ever wish to in the future.
With our hybrid (customisable) products the IP is owned by Solubytes. Although, only you will be able to benefit from any custom built modules.
We typically see projects taking anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete, but we will provide details of your timeline within our no-obligation proposal.
Once your new software has been built and UAT (user acceptance testing) approved, your project then enters the hosting, support and maintenance phase where will support all aspects of your solution on an on-going basis.
Absolutely. We aim to become your long-term software partner which means that we can support all aspects of your new software, including hosting, maintenance, support and data security to take away all of the technicalities involved in ensuring a reliable infrastructure.
In short, it's highly secure! We only use Microsoft Azure Cloud services to host your data as it provides an extremely secure foundation across physical, infrastructure, and operational security. We choose Azure as our trusted cloud provider due to its platform security. Microsoft invests over a billion dollars every year into security, including the security of the Azure platform, so that your data and business assets can be protected.
Yes, we can migrate existing data so that you don’t have to input each one individually in order to save you time from the start.
Yes! We have an onboarding process involving a thorough analysis of the existing codebase and apply adaptations where necessary. We also manage any database migration and environment/security configurations along with the integration of the source code within the Solubytes development infrastructure, effectively making your code fully maintainable by Solubytes to ensure a long-term future.

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