Spreadsheet to Software Conversion.

Transforming Excel into innovative, simple-to-use web apps.

Spreadsheet to Software Conversion
Spreadsheet to Software Conversion

Talk Us Through Your Spreadsheets

To get started, we begin with a free initial consultation. During this time, we will discuss how you currently use your spreadsheets and their logic, along with the needs of your business and any other areas you want to automate. Using the information we gather, we will then plan the software development to suit your requirements. Once we’ve created a solution for you, we will create a proposal for us to collaborate.

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Once the proposal phase has been completed, we will book your software in for development. Our team of highly skilled experts will work hard to get your system back to you as soon as possible, ensuring we’ve provided each of the features discussed during our consultation. Near the end of this process, we will arrange a demonstration in which we will walk you through your new solution.


After your new solution has been integrated into your business, we will provide you with on-going hosting, maintenance and support to ensure it runs smoothly throughout the year. Should you have any issues, our team will be on hand to help.

  • Transform.

  • Modernise.

  • Automate.

Generate Reports Automatically

Generate documents at the click of a button. From automated invoicing to custom PDFs, automatic calculations based on real time data can be easier than ever.

Save Time on Admin

Reduce human error and bottlenecks with automated business software, helping you improve efficiency through informed decision making and accurate data.

Reduce Expenses

Reduce paid human hours and the cost of using different third-party software tools - just have one that does it all.

Web-Based Solution

Your system will utilise a database hosted within the cloud. This means you can use it on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. No matter where you need it, you’ll have full access.

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