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Sep 14

Are You in a Spreadsheet Stranglehold?

  • Thu 14th Sep 2023

You have the off the shelf system that fits your business and processes... right? Maybe that’s what you would like to believe. Consider this. Are your teams working outside of these systems, finding their own ways, because these systems don’t do just exactly what they need them to?

Sep 05

Hybrid Ways. Happy Days.

  • Tue 5th Sep 2023

Hybrid is everywhere, it’s how we work these days, it’s in our cars, our energy, animals, computers... the list goes on. Hybrid is all about creative and often beneficial outcomes from combining the strengths of different elements. So what?

Aug 29

Tech Talking! Don’t Silence Your Systems

  • Tue 29th Aug 2023

Do you have systems, that you wish would lighten up, open up a little and share what they know with your other key systems? Do you wish your accounting system would hook up with your inventory system, or maybe start chatting with your invoicing platform? Maybe they haven't before, just because they aren't speaking the same language.

Aug 22

Take Stock - Are You Wasting Time?

  • Tue 22nd Aug 2023

Do you have a process that does the job, it just works because you have always done it that way. But really, it’s lots of micro, manual processes, fusing together, to get the job done. Walk with us on this!

Aug 15

If You Do One Thing, Do It Really Really Well

  • Tue 15th Aug 2023

It might sound like something your gran might say, but they always know best, right? We really believe that we must do what we do really well, or else whats the point.

Jun 27

Manufacturing Services: The 6 Benefits of Using Custom Automation Software

  • Tue 27th Jun 2023

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to stay competitive and meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. Custom software solutions have emerged as a game-changer, offering tailor-made software to address the unique challenges faced by manufacturing companies. By leveraging the power of technology, these custom software applications provide numerous benefits, empowering manufacturers to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and achieve long-term success.

Apr 20

What Is an API?

  • Thu 20th Apr 2023

In its simplest form, an API, or Application Programming Interface, is a digital mechanism allowing third-party systems to communicate which normally wouldn't be possible. Whether that's pulling data directly from a third-party system into your own software or database, or uploading spreadsheets and manually inputting data, an API integration enables software communication.

Sep 14

Is Excel Holding Me Back?

  • Wed 14th Sep 2022

Did you know that around 750 million people around the world use Microsoft Excel? It’s used within schools and throughout businesses to make spreadsheets convenient. When first starting your business, it’s a great tool that will ensure you stay on top of your finances. However as your business expands, you’ll realise it’s somewhat limited...

Jun 15

How to Thrive in Uncertain Times

  • Wed 15th Jun 2022

Could your business management software be stunting growth and harming efficiency? Chances are the answer is yes. Generic and repurposed software is hindering the potential of thousands of businesses in the UK. In these tough times, even the smallest improvement can be the difference between your enterprise thriving into the second half of the decade or becoming just another statistic of failed businesses.

May 23

Benefits of Bespoke Software

  • Mon 23rd May 2022

Expanding your business is an exciting yet dangerous period in time. It’s a period in which you’ll grow to heights you never imagined, or your business will come tumbling down. So how can you reduce the risk of growth whilst enjoying the benefits? This is where software can help. Bespoke or customisable software can help you streamline your processes, reduce the impact of mistakes and ensure productivity remains high.

Apr 13

How Digital Footprints Help Hackers Steal Valuable Data

  • Wed 13th Apr 2022

Did you know that when you use the internet you leave behind a digital footprint? This data is collated, stored and analysed by a number of organisations, from social media giants to app developers. The problem is that this footprint can put your privacy at risk, and could affect your security online. Hackers can use this information to steal valuable business or personal information.

Apr 11

$540M Stolen in Second Biggest Crypto Hack in History

  • Mon 11th Apr 2022

According to a CCS Insight survey, poor quality networks and patchy office Wi-Fi could hamper businesses ability to roll out future remote work strategies.

Apr 08

As Employees Return to the Office, Tech Issues Remain a Worry

  • Fri 8th Apr 2022

According to a CCS Insight survey, poor quality networks and patchy office Wi-Fi could hamper businesses ability to roll out future remote work strategies.

Apr 06

How to Choose the Best Software Development Company for Your Business

  • Wed 6th Apr 2022

As businesses scale and grow, they often require more than just off-the-shelf, one size fits all software. Bespoke software solutions can often offer much more efficient and effective solutions for individual businesses. That’s why when it comes to software development it’s absolutely crucial you have the right people in place. That being said, here are our top ten factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best software development company for your business.

Apr 01

Five Reasons Your Business Needs Bespoke Software

  • Fri 1st Apr 2022

There are many ways your business can benefit from bespoke software solutions, and so for our first official Solubytes blog post we’ve identified 5 key reasons why you should start using tailor-made software, rather than off-the-shelf generic solutions...

Nov 26

How Tech Is Changing the Software Industry

  • Fri 26th Nov 2021

Technology has revolutionised the way in which society functions. From the way we work, how we listen to music and even how we order our shopping. In the last decade alone, we have seen more changes to our lives than at any time in history. It feels like every year, new tech is changing the way we do things. Although this impacts the way we go about our personal lives, it has also made a significant impact on the software industry...

Aug 18

How Systems Are Revolutionising Industries

  • Wed 18th Aug 2021

Systems make up most of our society. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to go about our daily lives. You wouldn’t be able to make your morning commute, your food wouldn’t be at the shop and you wouldn’t be getting same-day delivery any time soon. With the impact of technology, we have seen systems not only change the way we live our lives, but revolutionize industries altogether. Here are some of the ways in which they’re doing just that...