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How Tech Is Changing The Software Industry

Technology has revolutionised the way in which society functions. From the way we work, how we listen to music and even how we order our shopping. In the last decade alone, we have seen more changes to our lives than at any time in history. It feels like every year, new tech is changing the way we do things. Although this impacts the way we go about our personal lives, it has also made a significant impact on the software industry.

In the past, software would be generic. It would offer several generic benefits that a business could use to run its operations. One of the most popular examples of this is Microsoft Office. Office is used by around 1.2 billion people. It’s used in schools, homes and businesses around the world. However, with technology becoming more advanced than ever before, we’re seeing it rapidly change the software industry.

Today, software can be tailored to each individual business, offering unique features that would not be available in generic software. This has allowed businesses to thrive, optimizing efficiency whilst simultaneously streamlining operations. But how exactly is tech changing the software industry? And what future impact can we expect it to have?

Voice Technology

With the growing popularity of smart speakers, the importance of voice technology is now impacting software. Voice is now being used as a user interface, allowing users to quickly find solutions to their problems. Although currently mass-produced (as we’ve seen with the Amazon Alexa), voice also has several applications within the workplace. If used correctly, it could help managers organize teams, their schedules and events they’re working on. And this is only scraping the surface. Within a business it could be used for everything from note-taking, calling headquarters and activating a case to accessing job repair histories, or searching databases. All of which can be completed without ever having to leave the desk.

With so many benefits already being recognised, software companies are now having to pivot towards voice tech. If correctly implemented, it could definitely replace the current interfaces we use, creating a more convenient workplace for all.

Data, Data, Data

It’s no surprise that data is now being used within the software business. We’ve already seen the impact that data can have in regards to success, with Facebook being a prime example. Software companies must now analyse data to determine what features are best for their clients. For example, looking at what current features are taking up the most amount of employee time. These features can then be analysed to determine how they are optimized. With hundreds (if not thousands) of practical applications, it’s clear that data will play a big role in future software.

Cloud Systems

If you asked someone what a cloud was 2 decades ago, they’d tell you it’s something in the sky. Today, cloud systems are being used by businesses to back up data and streamline processes. With this technology still being somewhat new, it’s likely that the applications of cloud systems will become a major part of all software.

In 2021, it’s likely we’ll see further technological impacts on the software industry, with software continuing to advance industries and our daily lives.

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