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Take Stock - Are You Wasting Time?

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Aug 22

Take Stock - Are You Wasting Time?

  • Tue 22nd Aug 2023
If you do one thing, do it really really well.

Do you have a process that does the job, it just works because you have always done it that way. But really, it’s lots of micro, manual processes, fusing together, to get the job done.

Walk with us on this!

Consider... you run an online business, selling your product to the masses. An order comes in and you must manually check if you have the stock, if you don’t you would have to order it in and manage customer expectations for delivery.

OK, so let’s say it is available, you update your stock record to call off the stock, you make a record of the order manually in yet another system. You create an invoice in Word, taking various details from different systems and spreadsheets and then email this to the customer. You then rely on your despatch team updating you when they pick and ship the item so that you can advise the customer by email, and then update your records too.

Imagine this multiple times, with multiple stock lines, and multiple people updating and checking records concurrently over days, weeks, months. Sounds like unravelling spaghetti. But this is exactly how some of our customers were working – because they always had, because they thought it was the best way.

But there is a better way!

Here at Solubytes we specialise in understanding your processes, getting to the heart of how you work and what matters to you, creating bespoke solutions that automate your workflow and have your systems talking to each other like never before, sharing information and speeding up processes, removing room for error and reliance on human intervention – freeing up your people’s time to focus on what they do best.

At Solubytes we believe in you dealing directly with the developer, no salespeople, no middlemen, just our core belief that we deliver you a tailored solution in a fair and honest way.

Take a systems stock check today, reach out to us and see what we can do together.

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