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How Digital Footprints Help Hackers Steal Valuable Data

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Apr 13

How Digital Footprints Help Hackers Steal Valuable Data

  • Wed 13th Apr 2022
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Did you know that when you use the internet you leave behind a digital footprint? This data is collated, stored and analysed by a number of organisations, from social media giants to app developers. The problem is that this footprint can put your privacy at risk, and could affect your security online. Hackers can use this information to steal valuable business or personal information.

Since 2020 phishing attacks have doubled as a result of hackers being able to better hone answers to security information obtained from their digital footprints. Cyber criminals are able to leverage open source intelligence to obtain information about the digital footprints of potential targets. They can then use this information to craft expertly written phishing messages, which now appear more legitimate than ever before.

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In 2015, for example, the firm Ubiquity Networks Inc. was targeted when attackers sent emails which appeared to come from top company leaders. The messages requested wire transfers from employees, and as a result $46.7 million was stolen.

IT security firm Trend Micro found that 91% of cyber attacks in which hackers gained undetected access to networks started with phishing messages, and that 25% of all data breaches also involved phishing.

Given the prominence of phishing in cyberattacks, businesses should educate employees about managing their digital footprints. Employees should be trained in areas such as how to browse securely and how to use social media responsibly.

Security flaws in software can also help hackers access your businesses’ valuable data, and as a bespoke software development company Solubytes can help to enhance your business security with expertly designed bespoke software solutions. Personalised software can often provide more security than off-the-shelf solutions. For more information please visit our homepage.

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