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Is Excel Holding Me Back?

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Sep 14

Is Excel Holding Me Back?

  • Wed 14th Sep 2022

Did you know that around 750 million people around the world use Microsoft Excel? It’s used within schools and throughout businesses to make spreadsheets convenient. When first starting your business, it’s a great tool that will ensure you stay on top of your finances. However as your business expands, you’ll realise it’s somewhat limited. Whilst fantastic at dealing with simple data, its limitations appear when dealing with more complex content.

This is because Excel isn’t designed to deal with the individual needs of each business. It’s great for covering the basics. However when you consider things such as inventory, processes and your daily operations, using Excel can become a nightmare. So, what’s the alternative?

Corporations around the globe are now investing in flexible systems for their businesses. They use integrated software that matches their needs and requirements, rather than having to work around the limitations of another platform. This transition is essential for business growth. With competition now occurring on a global scale, the right system can be the difference between success and failure within your market. Here’s why you should consider moving on from Excel.

General Tools Aren’t The Best Fit

Excel is a lot like a bike. When growing up it’s a great way to get from A to B. It’s efficient and will serve your basic needs. However as you grow, so do your needs. Now you need to travel further and faster. This is the same for your business. Whilst Excel will complete most jobs for you, it’s no longer efficient enough to be effective. Whilst other businesses are streamlining their processes, your team will remain stuck with complex documents that few can understand. Having a tool that's designed around your system will ensure you complete tasks more effectively and without needing as much time.

What Doesn’t Excel Provide?

The number one issue with Excel is time. Whilst it’s a great tool, managing your data can become extremely time consuming. With large quantities of data, you can easily miss data points and applying the data to your business isn’t always easy. As your business grows, the time it takes to organize everything will grow with it. Eventually, this will become unscalable.

Another issue with Excel is security. The security features on Excel are minimal. It’s estimated that around 4,000 cyber attacks happen every day. That’s over 3 every minute. As a business owner, you want your data to be safe at all times. A breach of data could result in losing clients, bad PR and even the loss of your business. It’s crucial that you ensure your documents remain within your business and out the hands of cyber attackers.

The Solution

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, quite the opposite. If your business is in the process of growing, there are several ways you can improve your systems. By reinvesting in customisable software, you can make sure that your systems are as streamlined as possible. This investment brings with it a range of benefits, including improved efficiency, easy accessibility and much more. For more information, check out our website and discover what tailored software can do for your business.

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